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Female Andean Archetypes - Caring for the Seed of Life

"Female Andean Archetypes - Caring for the Seed of Life"

Mother and daughter (Elba Bravo and Marisel la Rosa) come together to guide us on a 4-day journey that explores the ancestral memory of our bodies, guided by the 4 "mamas" of the Andean tradition. The energy of Mama Ukllu, Mama Ipakura, Mama Runtu and Mama Uaku. Earth women, wild women, with great strength, wisdom and tenderness.

Based on the vision of Andean Chaos and Cosmos, through art, ritual, Chaupin's Oracle, andean tradition and dance therapy, we will remember how these women inhabit us.

The "Mamas" are part of the Aiar Brotherhood legend, which was found in the chronicles “Relación de Antigüedades deste Reyno del Pirú” written in 1613 by the indigenous writer and chronicler Don Juan Santacruz Pachakuti Iamki Salkamaiua. Cusco, Peru.

Based on the research of the architect and researcher of the Andean ancestral society, Mario Osorio Olazábal, in 2012 we began a study on each of the characters that are part of the brotherhood, finding the archetypal characteristics that we share in this retreat.


The experience includes:

· 4 day 3 nights accommodation at Munay Sonqo Retreat & Yoga Center

· All meals included (Organic vegetarian food produced entirely from the farm of our space)

· Round trip transportation Airport - Retreat Center

· Open bar of organic coffee and infusions (24 hours)
· Move & Heal Workshops: Movement approach applied to ancestral Andean concepts, from Dance Movement Therapy and "Authentic Movement" practice.

· Individual and group readings of the Chaupin ́s Oracle (Oracle created from the symbols of the Chavín ancient culture) with Elba Bravo

· Art, rituals and ceremonies

· Flower Challa Ceremony (Traditional Rose Blessing)

· Walk to Sacred places

· Land Offering

· Ceremony with Wachuma (San Pedro)

· Spa night (outdoor Jacuzzi, infra red sauna, steam sauna and salt cave)

· Use of facilities such as shared spaces, rest areas, etc.

· Dates: 01 - 04 february - 2023

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