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Pachamama Pachacamak - The Sacred Duality

In the Andean world nothing is alone, everything has its complement:

the sun and the moon
day and the night
masculine and feminine
life and death

We are very happy with the birth of our new retreat ¨Pachamama Pachacamak - The Sacred Duality¨, our way of sharing with you what we learn and feel living in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, remaining and strengthening the path we are walking together, that of movement and tradition.

Through body and movement, we will deepen into the concept of "Yanantin" or sacred duality, to inhabit the complementary opposites that coexist inside us and build our relationships.

Dance what completes you, what opposes you.

Dance to know who you are and where you come from.

We invite you to move and heal, here in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

The experience includes:


- Accommodation for 5 days and 4 nights at Munay Sonqo Retreat & Yoga Center

- All meals included (Organic vegetarian food produced entirely from the farm of our space)

- Round trip transportation Airport - Retreat Center

- Open bar of organic coffee and infusions (24 hours)

- Move & Heal Workshops: movement work applied to ancestral Andean concepts, and from the integration of Contemporary Dance, Dance Movement Therapy, "Authentic Movement" practice, martial arts and physical theater methodologies.

- Chaupin´s Oracle lectures (Oracle created from the symbology of the Chavín culture) with Elba Bravo

- Andean weaving (Practices with Señora María)

- Acoustic dualities (Experiences with traditional Andean music)

- Flower Challa Ceremony (Traditional Rose Blessing)

- Walk to water

- Walk to Sacred Huaca 

- Inipi/Temazcal ceremony (sweat lodge)

- Land Offering

- Meditations, rituals and ceremonies

- Blooming bath

- Welcome gift and healing bundle

- Spa night (outdoor Jacuzzi, infra red sauna, steam sauna and salt cave)

- Use of facilities such as shared spaces, rest areas, swimming pool.

Dates: (to confirm)

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