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Ritual body - Movement and Andean Tradition Retreat

Ritual Body is an opportunity to return to nature in these times of crisis, to return to silence, to pause, to our depths, where answers and infinite possibilities live.


We have felt it as a space of retreat in the heights to heal from movement and start this new time in deep listening to who we are.


From the Sacred Valley, cradle of the andean ancestral culture, we propose in these modern times, to return to the ancestral wisdom, to our origins, and from there to heal, opening channels to access our inner knowledge.


It will be a four-day trip in which we will travel through the 3 worlds of the andean tradition and its relationship with body and movement through art, dance, ceremony, sound and symbolism. It will be a journey of inner self-knowledge taking movement and andean wisdom as the axis and source of knowledge. Movement is for us a way of thinking and thinking us, of understanding and relating to the world around us; tradition is the root, the initial source, our ancient memory, an ancestral heritage of our origins that shows us the way in the question of "who are we".


Each day we will travel through one of the 3 worlds of the Andean worldview. The Uku Pacha, represented by the serpent, will take us to the inner world, the roots, the origins, our ancestors. It will be a trip to our inner world, to our shadows and to the connection with our medicine. The Kay Pacha, represented by the puma, will bring us to the world of the here and now, to the connection with our present, attentive, willing body/mind. It will bring us back to our consciousness, which appears as a bridge between inside and outside, below and above, a bridge to "Hanan Pacha". The Hanan Pacha, represented by the condor, will take us to the world of above, to our connection with the stars and the cosmos, to the world of the Apus and the spirits. We will connect here with flight, with jumping into the void and facing our abysses.


Finally, we will seek to integrate the three worlds to reach harmony, the coexistence of the Uku Pacha, the Kay Pacha and the Hannan Pacha: the Kintu.

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