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What is Move & Heal

Move & Heal is Marisel and Roly, a couple who moved to the Sacred Valley of the Incas with the intention of creating a space here in the heights to listen to the voice of body and spirit, assuming movement as the axis and source of knowledge. Movement is for us a way of thinking and thinking us, a way of healing and understanding the world we live in.


We seek to integrate our knowledge and share what we love, Roly from research and creation, and Marisel from therapy, healing and ceremony. In these two approaches to movement, Andean Ancestral knowledge and art are integrated, creating a unique, artistic and healing experience. Our mission is to return to the body, to nature, to the power to transforming ourselves assuming movement as the root and way of understanding the world, in order to return to the conscious listening of our body, where the answers live.

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Captura de Pantalla 2021-01-03 a la(s) 1

The Team

Roly Dávila
Training and Movement Research

Scenic artist with theater, dance and martial arts training; researcher, teacher. Creator and director of Centrokinético - movement research platform, and co-creator of Move & Heal.

Founding member of CRUDO artistic collective and actor of CUER2 theater for 13 years.


He has been developing a constant research around the integration of diverse movement practices in the search for an integral consciousness of the body/mind as a vehicle knowledge and human development.

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Elba Bravo
Chaupin´s Oracle (Chavin Culture)

Psychotherapist, educator and researcher of the Andean ancestral culture. founder of the "Chaupin School"; primary school based on the vision of Andean Chaos and Cosmos (La Merced, Carhuaz, Peru).


Guide of individual and group processes in the Architectural Complexes of Chavín de Huántar and Puruchuku.


Creator of the workshops: "The Aiar Brotherhood", "Women Guardians of Tradition", "Monday of the Moon"; and co-creator of "The Awakening of the Black Otoronga".

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Marisel La Rosa
"Authentic Movement" and Dance Therapy

Dance Movement Therapist, Dancer and facilitator of the Authentic Movement practice, Graduated in Brecha, Buenos Aires Argentina.

Marisel has shared the "Authentic Movement" practice in Lima for 10 years. She is the founder and director of the cultural space "La Comunidad" and co-creator of Move & Heal, where she shares her knowledge of movement, therapy, healing and ancestral ceremonies.


Her bodywork integrates Andean tradition, knowledge and spiritual practices.

Omar La Rosa
Sikuris / Yraditional Andean Music

Musician, builder of musical instruments and researcher of traditional Andean music.

Omar lives in the Sacred Valley, where he has his workshop and is dedicated to building bamboo instruments for healing, while receiving people interested in the exchange of musical knowledge.


He is also dedicated to teaching siku (the panpipe). He is founder of ¨Espiru sikuri¨ group of sikuris.

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Tito la Rosa
Ancestral Sound Healing Ceremony

Musician, composer Sound Healer. Tito la Rosa is a descendant of Quechua Indians from the Peruvian Andes. For more than 30 years he has dedicated himself to recovering and conserving, studying, and intuiting the ancestral music of Peru and the world.


Tito has more than 14 musical productions that unite the ancestral-contemporary in a dialogue of cultures and times. In 2000 he wins the Grammy for recording an album with the renowned Japanese musician Kitaro.


For Tito, music is magic and mystery, trembling, and also silence.

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Adrian y Vanessa
Temazcal (Inipi or Sweat Lodge)

Adrian Jarrin and Vanessa Golzales are a couple of therapists and facilitators of native ceremonial practices.


Adrian and Vanesa will share an Inipi or sweat lodge with songs and prayers to return to the womb of mother earth.


Contact Us


Sacred Valleyof the Inkas - Cusco, Peru

Tel: (+51) 980-336-020


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You can also Communicate with Roly, our co-director, to his personal Whatsapp through this link

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